Half of App Users Do Not Update Software

If you don’t like upgrading your computer software on a regular basis then you probably won’t be surprised by Skype’s report.

According to Skype, “nearly half of consumers fail to upgrade software regularly and one quarter of consumers don’t know why to update software.”

This figures should upset software makers, especially with all the resources they put into providing such upgrades. However, you do have to agree with some of the consumer sentiments mentioned in the report, such as the upgrades taking too long, the issue of computer security, and so (or many) updates providing no real benefit to the user.
Still, that does not mean that there is no merit to software updates, and when it comes to using web security apps, automatic updates is obviously the way to go. As for every other kind of app out there, it’s still all a matter of preference, though you’d better be in the know whenever the apps you use releases updates that are security-related.

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