Google Docs or Microsoft Office Web Apps?

Microsoft Office Web AppsI am admittedly a Google Docs user, which is probably why I have been ignoring the existence of Microsoft Office Web Apps since it was first launched. More importantly though, I don’t even rely that much on Google Docs, using it mainly for collaborative projects with the bulk of my work done on my laptop. That does not mean that neither of the two offer really good features.

As a single user, you will find both web services available to you for free (businesses need to pay for Office Web Apps use) with only a Google Account and Windows Live ID being prerequisites to using them. When it comes to which one is better though, reviews are mixed with both having an advantage in certain areas over the other. You can read more on the 5 ways Google Docs is better than Microsoft Office Apps (and vice versa) right here. Stuff pointed out include factors such as cost, integration/compatibility with Word and Excel, usability on the tablet, storage size and more. There is no mention though as to the security risks that come with each service.

Image via Microsoft

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